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About Dan & Guido - "The Produce Pair"

About Guido

Guido's love for food, and the growing thereof, began as a very young child. "You see, I am Italian on both sides of my family. Both my grandfathers, like so many other immigrants, grew most of their familie's food in small, but productive backyard plots."

In his late 20's, in the midst of a semi-successful real estate career, a friend gave Guido an old "Organic Gardening" magazine. That did it! More...

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About Dan

an uses the name that folks gave him everywhere he worked "Dan the Produce Man", "Its only natural" Avakian said in a recent interview, "folks seemed to come up with this name for me everywhere I've worked, so I had to use it. It stuck".

In addition to his adventures with Guido and "The Produce Pair", Dan also writes regular columns including "Produce Pointers" in the Alameda Sun Newspaper and "Gettin' Fresh with Dan the Produce Man" in Alameda Magazine. More...

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