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Smoked Almonds

Makes 1 cup

Dan's Fresh Produced has fresh almonds in the shell, and they are definitely worth the effort. You can simply roast them in the oven, as is, and enjoy. No seasoning required, and they are wonderful. But for those who like zest, try making your own smoked almonds for your next gathering.

½ lb almonds in the shell

½ tsp salt

¼ ground black pepper

1 tsp smoked paprika

1 tbsp oil (almond, corn, canola, grapeseed nothing flavorful that would mask the flavor of the almonds)


Heat oven to 350F.

I highly recommend if you have a spice mill, pulse the salt, paprika and pepper to make a finer coating for the almonds.

Shell the almonds. (Around the edible nut is the brittle shell. Simple hold between your fingers horizontally and twist. The shell will quickly break open to reveal the nut.)


Toss almonds in oil to coat and place on a baking sheet. Place in oven to roast for approximately 10 minutes or until the nuts begin to take on a darker color. (Do not get distracted! Once the nuts begin to color, they will rapidly burn if not removed in time. In fact, they will continue to darken until cool.)

Immediately transfer to a clean, dry bowl and toss with seasoning. Transfer again to a clean flat surface like a plate to cool.


The nuts may be soft with hot, but will harden as excess moisture is evaporated during the cooling process. Just be patient and you will be rewarded with a tasty, crunchy roasted almond when cool.