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Summer Fruit Salad
Dan the Produce Man
4 medium sized yellow & white flesh nectarines. Pick ripe fruit. A mild give in the palm of your hand when gentle pressure is applied is perfect.

Three ripe mangoes. Look for mostly yellow in the skin, no green. A red blush is fine, but yellow is the key.

3 large navel oranges. Heavy for their size. Late California fruit is still available, but not for long otherwise use Valencia's or Aussie Navels.

1 large basket of strawberries, as red as you can find.

10-15 Bing cherries - Dark, almost black, but firm.

2 Green Kiwifruit and 2 Gold Kiwi fruit. Pick them out the same way as the nectarines a mild give in the palm of your hand when gentle pressure is applied. Green kiwi is the most nutritious of all commonly eaten fruits. Gold Kiwi are even higher.

¼ lb of green or red grapes.

2 large ripe bananas.

1 basket of blueberries or raspberries

Wash all fruit thoroughly and dry with paper towels. Cut fruit over a large bowl so that all the juice drips into the salad.

Start with the yellow nectarines. Cut into approximately ½" slices.

Peel the oranges and section them. Remove the white membrane and cut sections in half and add to the bowl.

Cut the Mangoes in half using the flat pit inside to guide your knife. Score the mango halves and cut the sections from the peel. Squeeze the pit over the bowl to get remaining mango juice into the salad.

Remove the stems from the strawberries and cut into sections or in half depending on the size of the berries. Add them in.

Cut the cherries in half and remove the hard pits. Add to the bowl.

Coin cut the bananas and drop them into the bowl. Add the grapes

Mix with a large wooden spoon. Then cut the white nectarines and drop them in. (the flesh of a white nectarine is tender and breaks down faster than the yellow.)

Now peel & slice both varieties of kiwi, and drop on top along with the raspberries or blueberries.

This is a powerhouse of flavor & nutrition. If you eat a bowl of this you've covered a large portion of your 5 – 9 a day. Add some greens or broccoli to your dinner and you've done it! What? Too much left over? Cover it and refrigerate it. Now you have fresh smoothie ingredients. Add a cup of your favorite fruit juice, milk or soy milk to a blender along with a few large scoops of fruit salad for a tasty treat.
Along with the key nutrients listed above, there are other benefits such as protein, dietary fiber, & fruit carbs.


Vitamin A & beta carotene.

Key Nutrients: Vitamin C & Folic Acid.

nutrients are Vitamins A, C, E, & Beta Carotene.

Key nutrient: Vitamin C

Cherries: nutrients: Vitamin C, folic acid, Manganese.

They are high in Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, dietary fiber and anti-oxidants, low in calories, sodium and fat, and a good source of folic acid and Vitamin E.
Gold Kiwi has a higher level of as the green with additional zinc.

Key nutrients: Vitamin C.

Bananas Key nutrients: Vitamin B6, vitamin C, folacin, potassium & magnesium.

Blue & Rasp (vitamin C & potassium)