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Recipe by Mark "Guido The Gardner" ® Ferro

The title says it all. I made this last week and it was not only yummy but fairly indestructible. It lasted a whole week in the fridge. (I just ate the last of it!)

I bought about six pounds of bargain shelf apples. You know the kind, a bang here a bruise there. They were tangy Gravenstein and sweet Fuji apples.

The exact apple varieties are not important. But what you do want is half sweet and half tangy apples in order to acheive a nice flavor balance. On the a tart side you can also use a Pippin, Granny Smith, Empire, Rome or Braeburn. For the sweet side a Gala, Jonagold or Gold Delicious will work.

All I did was wash, core and slice the apples and put them in a big mixing bowl. No, I didn't peel them, too much hassle. But you can if you need the excercise.

Next, I sprinkled the sliced apples with powdered ginger, cinnimon and nutmeg. You can use finely chopped fresh ginger for a more robust flavor.

I then put the apples in a crock pot and added water enough to cover. Using apple juice instead of water works even better. I also added a couple of tablespoons of honey. Molasses also works but it gives the sauce a dark color that I don't like.

I put the lid on the crock pot and cooked it on high for a couple of hours, just enough to soften them. At that point I mashed the apples with a wooden spoon to make the mix a bit creamier.

I then set the crock to low, took OFF the lid and let it cook a few more hours. The flavor noticably improved after the longer cooking. When it's done, add more sweetness or spice to your liking.

The above makes a fairly chunky sauce. Whip the mix in a blender or food processor for a thinner texture. And yes this can be made on the stove or even the oven. This makes a great side dish or every day snack. If you really want to make friends, make this for Thanksgiving din din!