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Mushroom Magic

Recipe by Megan Elliott

Portabella Aram

* 1 large "wrap" tortilla (any flavor)
* enough Gorgonzola to cover entire tortilla
* 10-12 washed and dried spinach leaves
* 5-6 thin slices of sautéed eggplant
* 1 portabella mushroom, sliced in thin, round slices and sautéed
* ¼ red pepper, cut into strips and sautéed
* Olive oil for sauté

Put the Gorgonzola on the wrap and warm it until the cheese can be easily spread over the entire wrap. Place the spinach leaves flat on the cheese, covering the whole wrap. Do the same with the eggplant slices. Add the portabella and red peppers, and then roll very tightly. If you want to share it, you can slice this into rounds.


Mushroom Wrap

* 1 wrap tortilla
* handful of feta cheese
* 1 portabella mushroom, sliced and sautéed
* handful of enoki mushrooms
* ¼ red pepper, sliced into strips and sautéed
* ¼ crook-neck squash, sliced and sautéed
* 8-10 washed and dried spinach leaves
* Olive oil for sauté

Throw the ingredients into the wrap in any order that sounds good, roll-up and eat.